About Us

Lightbulb moment

The AccessPay story began in 2012 with a realisation that the way in which businesses process and manage payments was manual, costly and error prone. With a small group of finance and cloud technology experts AccessPay was created, with one simple mission; to transform the way business payments are sent and received.

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The problems AccessPay are solving

Across the UK and throughout the world, accounting and payroll systems fail to directly link up with banks. Consequently, this means that the no matter how high or low the volume or value of the transaction, the process for sending and receiving business payments is manual, error prone and time consuming.

AccessPay solves this problem by taking away hours of manual processing time, thus making our customers more efficient when making business payments.

88% of customers would recommend us

‘We reduced back office processing from 18 man hours a day to 5 minutes a day’


“AccessPay has saved 3 hours a week, every week. What used to take hours now takes just 5 minutes”

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