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Organisations today are challenging their banking partners to provide enhanced functionality and improved quality that go beyond corporate and commercial banking services.

Corporates want innovative ways to manage their liquidity and cash flow needs from their banking partners – delivered to them instantly, securely and on multiple devices.

For banks looking to help their corporate customers move to the next generation of cash management and treasury tools, AccessPay offers a proposition that helps you generate increased customer satisfaction together with increased revenue.

Corporates are looking to their banking partners to provide:

  • Real-time cash visibility,
  • Automated reconciliation,
  • Global cash mobility,
  • Daily and intra-daily reporting, and
  • Increased security and reduced risk of fraud

Working with Banking Partners

Your trusted payments and cash management solutions provider

As a trusted payments and cash management solutions provider, AccessPay already works in partnership with multinational banking and financial services institutions to provide corporate customers a next generation cash management and treasury solution.

With our cloud-based SWIFT for Corporates solution, AccessPay supports banks in helping UK and European customers gain global visibility over their cash positions, real-time analytics, along with daily and intra-day reporting and forecasting functionality.


See how the AccessPay solution can benefit your customers

Eric Bayle, Societe Generale

Eric Bayle, the Head of Payments at Societe Generale, shares his views on the AccessPay/SWIFT Payments & Cash Management event held at SWIFT HQ, September 2014.

Straight Through Processing

Our Straight Through Processing video – a cure for those manual processing worries and woes!

Leading global corporations rely on AccessPay to gain centralised control over their global payments and multi-banking relationships, and benefit from seamless integration, Straight Through Processing and increased global cash visibility and reporting capabilities.

How will your customers benefit?


A single, secure communications interface to connect with multiple banks, replacing numerous access channels and security tokens.

Reporting and Analytics

Use bank intra-day messages to get hourly, intra-daily or daily statement information.


Centralise payments through a global payments centre with the ability to automate payment and reconciliation processes.

Liquidity Management

Manage cash flow across your global banking network to ensure working capital optimisation and disbursement of funds within the business.

Payments and Collections

Manage almost any type of local and international payment, including; Direct Debits, Bacs Payments, Faster Payments and SEPA Direct Debit & Credit Transfers.

Online Banking

Secure and convenient access to online banking services anytime, anywhere.

Standard Formats

Rationalise financial processes and systems using a homogenous messaging format, which helps to synchronise banking connectivity between counterparties.


Condensed implementation lead times and lower costs associated with integrating disparate systems.

Straight Through Processing

Reduce complexity and increase staff efficiency with; no manual rekeying, no human error and no processing delays.

SWIFT & AccessPay Solution

Since 2012, AccessPay has been working in collaboration with SWIFT to help clients communicate securely
with banks in over 200 countries and territories across the world.

“Combining a modern and feature-rich cloud-based payments and cash management application seamlessly with SWIFT’s cloud-based interface – Alliance Lite2 – can deliver real benefits to the end customer. And by adding 3SKey on top, the customer can reap the full benefits of cloud-computing without compromising on security.”

Robert Schneider, head of SWIFT’s Corporates Business in EMEA

“AccessPay is the first partner in the UK to adopt the new SWIFT Alliance Lite 2 cloud solution – Essentially combining our cloud capability with theirs takes things very much beyond pure messaging and bank connectivity and instead provides the corporates and financial institutions with a full solution to manage their cash and payments.”

Neil Gray, SWIFT Director for Corporates

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