A feature-rich solution for automated Direct Debit Management

Our powerful yet user-friendly Direct Debit Management Solution lets you quickly set up paperless Direct Debits in UK, then manage all aspects of the payment process with ease.

Improve customer satisfaction, increase customer retention rates and boost your cash flow - whatever your size of business, good Direct Debit Management reaps its own rewards!

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  • Data Pre-Validator


    Our validator API quickly checks and confirms sort codes, account numbers and other data, helping you to avoid delays and charges.

  • Scheme Rules Complaince

    Scheme Rules

    Automated, system-generated letters ensure you are always compliant with the latest Direct Debit scheme rules.

  • Signatory Database

    Signatory Database.

    A user-friendly signatory database that allows you to easily maintain a complete list of payment approvers.

  • Direct Debit Manager

    Direct Debit

    Easily set up paperless Direct Debits with your bank, cancel instructions, amend payments or alter dates.

  • Reporting & Dashboarding

    Reporting & Dashboarding.

    Powerful, insightful, automated reports and dashboards that spot trends and opportunities – and identify problems!

  • Roles & Permissions

    Roles & Permissions.

    Set roles and permissions for all your users, allowing you to control access and system security.

  • Mandate Manager

    Mandate Manager.

    Manage and store all Direct Debit agreements safely and securely; then easily access them as required.

  • Task Pane

    Task Pane.

    Get instant notification on your task pane whenever there is a task that needs your attention.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Alerts & Notifications.

    Instant alerts and notifications to keep you fully up-to-date and in complete control of all payments.

  • Change Manager

    Change Manager.

    Cancel or amend previous payment instructions and quickly resolve any queries or disputes that might arise.

  • Reconciliation Module

    Reconciliation Module.

    Our reconciliation module enables you to reconcile all bank statements and transactions with your financial solutions.

  • Mobile Access

    Mobile Access.

    Secure ‘anywhere, everywhere’ mobile access to keep you in total control even when on the move

  • Signatory Database

    Recurring Payments Manager.

    Receive cash on time, every time.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless Integration.

    Our bank and file agnostic solution has been designed to seamlessly integrate with any file type or bank.

  • Workflows & Approval

    Workflows & Approval.

    Create simple to complex workflows and set payment approval processes quickly and easily.

  • Customer Notifications Manager

    Customer Notifications Manager.

    Manage AUDDIS codes, returns, reversals or cancellations for paperless Direct Debits, and automatically create customer letters.

  • Letters Management

    Letters Management.

    Letters are automatically created to inform customers of any issues and discrepancies upfront and without delay.

  • Payment Schedule

    Payment Schedule.

    Our payment schedule gives you the flexibility to schedule different payment amounts on different dates.

  • Representation


    Automated re-presentations are made if the original Direct Debit instruction fails for any reason.

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