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The Threat From Within


The Threat from Within – It’s getting easier to commit internal fraud, and they know it!


Title: Staying ahead of the fraudsters when it comes to Business Payments – Detecting and Preventing Internal Fraud

Duration: 50 Minutes


Despite UK businesses doubling their security budgets, many companies are still in the dark as to how fraudsters are circumventing preventative measures to commit internal fraud.

This live webinar recording summarises some of the current challenges and outline some simple and effective best practice measures for you to consider.

Learn how to improve security and reduce the risk of fraud when it comes to business payments.

Who should watch this webinar?

  • Growing businesses who require a secure payments solution,
  • Organisations looking for an alternative to on-premise payments software,
  • Individuals responsible for administering and upgrading their payments software (inc: software end-of-life),
  • Key decision makers responsible for strategic infrastructure planning and business continuity planning,
  • IT personnel responsible for security and compliance of financial systems.

The Threat from within webinar

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What will you learn:

Webinar Host:

Danny Doyle

A self-confessed Payments Geek, Danny is our resident knowledge bank, who just so happens to have the same initials as Direct Debit.

With in-depth knowledge of everything from Bacs to Blockchain, he has an understanding of most major and emerging payment technologies – and if he doesn’t know, you will find him with his nose buried in a book, swotting up furiously.

If you have any questions in response to this webinar, please feel free to contact us.

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Dean King Accounts and Payroll Team Lead, OnSite Group

Security Webinar:

Helping you to improve security and reduce inefficiencies around business payments.

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