Leadership - AccessPay | Easier Business Payments


Meet the AccessPay team

Our business depends on producing the highest standards of technology and implementing it quickly and efficiently for clients. That’s why we’ve invested time and energy in sourcing trusted and talented people we can rely on to produce quality outcomes, on time and on budget, every time.

Our Ethos

We treat each member of the AccessPay team as an individual and work together to reach our goals.

Customer care is our most important quality, we look after our clients every step of the way.

The need for easily accessible payment systems crosses all borders, AccessPay was formed to address the lack of user-friendly payment software. Our aim is to enable companies worldwide to access the benefits of a cloud-based payment platform. AccessPay is also dedicated to reducing their environmental impact and is on its way to becoming a carbon neutral company.

Anish Kapoor

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Burnett

Company Secretary

Sean Moriarty

Chief Financial Officer

Sonia Leighton

Service Delivery Director

James Higgins

Product Director

Dan Greenall

Marketing Director

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