Direct Debit

Cloud-based Direct Debit Processing for Complete Control

Direct Debits make collecting funds simpler, faster and more efficient for you and your customers.

Our cloud-based Direct Debit solution allows you to set up any number of Bacs Direct Debits, and then manage the entire payment process with ease.

Better cash flow, improved customer service and easy budgeting… in no time at all you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of timely payments, without the hassle of chasing invoices.

AccessPay’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model means a fixed annual subscription fee on a one year rolling contract. Benefit from no ‘end of life’, free software upgrades and no additional transaction fees or usage charges from us.

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Everything you need in one package

Streamline your payments and collections with AccessPay and free up resources.

Reporting & Dashboarding – Our user-friendly reporting suite allows you to view transaction details and individual
Mobile Access – Secure ‘anytime, anywhere’ mobile access to keep you in total control even when on the move.
Seamless Integration – Our ERP, bank and file agnostic solution has been designed to seamlessly integrate with any file type or bank.
Data Pre-Validator – Our validator API quickly checks and confirms sort codes, account numbers and other data, helping you to avoid delays and charges.
Auto Represent – Automate the submission of your representations if the original Direct Debit fails.
Payment Scheduling – Our payment schedule gives you the flexibility to schedule different payment amounts on different dates.
Reconciliation – Automate the download of your Bacs Reports in a variety of formats for onward reconciliation with your back-office systems.
Workflows & Approval – Create simple to complex workflows and set payment approval processes quickly and easily.
Roles & Permissions – Set roles and permissions for all your users, allowing you to control access and system security.

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