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AccessPay FAQs

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us – we’re here to help!

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Is AccessPay FCA regulated? Do you have any other certifications?

Yes, we are FCA regulated. We are also proud to be a Bacs approved solution supplier, a SWIFT partner, and in 2013 we achieved ISO 27001 certification from the BAB (British Assessment Bureau).

These credentials are a testament to our trustworthiness, reliability and the progress of our business to date.

What kind of security does AccessPay provide?

We provide bank-grade security and encryption.

Data is encrypted to the highest security standards, safeguarding it throughout the AccessPay payments life cycle.

When our clients log-in their information is protected with industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology using both server authentication and data encryption. This ensures that data is safe, secure, and available only to registered users.

In addition, AccessPay is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

Why is AccessPay better than the other UK payment providers I'm considering?

Being 100% cloud-based enables us to offer a unique range of benefits that traditional payment providers can’t compete with:

  • Automatic product upgrades with no worries about ‘end-of life’.
  • Minimal Capex – no need for software or hardware installation and upgrades.
  • ‘Anytime, anywhere’ mobile access.
  • Easy integration with third party systems.
  • Flexibility provided by our modular solution. Clients only pay for what they need and our solution can grow (or downsize) to meet their changing needs.
  • Unrivalled connectivity with the ability to cover Bacs payments, Faster Payments, SEPA and SWIFT.

Do I need a SUN to sign-up to your Direct Debit Management Solution?

Yes. To start receiving Direct Debits you need to get the Service User Number (SUN) from your bank.

Your SUN is a unique identifier for your organization. Bacs (the clearing service for Direct Debits), need it to create a record of each Direct Debit transaction.

How easy is your third-party integration?

We are able to provide seamless third-party integration to virtually any ERP solution. This allows our clients to create a bespoke ERP solution that meets their needs and gives them a competitive advantage.

How quick is the set-up process?

The speed and agility of AccessPay means the entire project cycle is quick and painless. We combine cloud technology with a personal approach and a ‘can-do’ attitude that often enables our clients to go live under 24 hours from pre-sale.

What exactly is a modular solution?

For modular, think flexibility. Our clients can pick and choose the modules they need, which means they only ever pay for what they use. Plus, our solution can grow (or downsize) to meet their changing needs.

Does AccessPay have a special arrangement with SWIFT?

Yes. We signed a partnership agreement with SWIFT in 2013 which made us first in the market to offer cloud-based payments and cash management application with SWIFT connectivity.

Our SWIFT partnership means that AccessPay clients can communicate securely with banks all over the world, with SWIFT financial messaging integrated seamlessly into their cloud-based solution.

Read more about our Banking Connectivity Solutions here.

Can I become an AccessPay partner?

Yes, we are always on the lookout for new partners to form mutually beneficial business relationships.

Visit our Partners Page for more information on how to apply, or contact us at any time.

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