Featured Customer Story

Young Women’s Trust

“It is reassuring that any future upgrades are included free of charge, and that if our volumes increase, their charges will not”

Clifford Thames


“Using cheques and cards isn’t financially viable,” Perry Continued. “We needed a fully-integrated, cloud-based system. We also needed great leadership to get the product in place with minimum impact on our staff’s workload. AccessPay really delivered. Our project manager was exceptional; a really excellent individual.”

Perry Charles

Perry CharlesGroup Financial Controller - Clifford Thames



“AccessPay provided us with very efficient, streamlined payment processes. Looking at the processes we have now, it is literally two clicks on a button” Ronny Continued. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success! That one line stipulates our relationship with AccessPay”

Ronny Schuyt

Ronny SchuytCFO - City Box



“Our motto is happy customers, happy home and we’ve experienced a similar ethos whenever we have contacted the customer service team at Access Pay. They are always quick, knowledgable and helpful. They’ve made something previously difficult for us very easy and we’re glad, in turn, to do the same for our customers.”

Will Herrmann

Will HerrmannFinancial Management Lead - Hassle.com

Global Reach Partners


“Integration with AccessPay revolutionised the way we process our payments,” Daniel Continued. “This partnership with AccessPay enables us to help businesses manage their international payments and currency risk, and allow them to act on market opportunities. It’s something we know there’s a real demand for.”

Daniel Biggs

Daniel BiggsPartner - Global Reach Partners

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