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AccessPay Partnership Testimonial

Software consultancy firm Muzulu prides itself on creating the best solutions for clients. Working cross-sector for global aerospace, defense, construction and manufacturing firms, the Oxford-based consultancy has a deep understanding of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

And after years of implementing IFS in-house, the directors decided to branch out in 2018.

The 15-strong team now act as an ERP consultancy firm out of Oxford and have chosen to collaborate with AccessPay on delivering integrated solutions to their clientbase.

Led by New Zealand-born Hamish Johnson, Muzulu recognises the pinch points of IFS and the common challenges faced by clients who implement this cloud-based back office system.

Hamish Johnson Muzulu

What makes a business say, ‘I need an ERP system’?

Firms invest in IFS software to become more efficient, improve processes and provide better service for their customers.

According to Hamish:

“It could be something as specific as we are holding too much inventory or we’re not delivering orders fast enough to our customers.

“Elsewhere it may be that they don’t know how much it costs to make an upgraded version of their product.”

Historically, IFS’s main target industries include oil and gas, manufacturing, engineering, construction, infrastructure, logistics and transportation.

In these areas, firms have leveraged the cost savings and increased agility of using IFS to boost productivity, revenues and return on investment.

Where do AccessPay fit in?

However, users and vendors wanted a better solution for payments.

Instead of manually uploading payment files they were asking for an integration which allows the files to be formatted automatically and go directly to their banking partners – improving efficiency.

“A couple of us had looked at Bacs payment transitions in the UK because it’s a challenging space for ERP vendors….Every bank has a different requirement and that can slow down the process.”

After targeting Bacs-approved vendors they contacted AccessPay to learn more about our capabilities as a digital bank connector.

The digital connector

Processing payments is a two-way flow of information with a bank. To support this IFS provides multiple file formats and interfaces for managing supplier payments, customer repayments, Direct Debits and bank reconciliations. But the files need manually uploading.

At AccessPay we manage the banking end of this data flow, as a digital bank connector, to provide direct transmissions to the BACS, Faster Payments, SWIFT and SEPA payment networks. It also allows for collecting, collating and forwarding statements from multiple banks.



This is all achieved while ensuring compliance with up-to-date regulatory controls, security and risk mitigation tools.

The purpose of partnership

Our partnership approach brings best in class tech innovation to clients who are already using some of the biggest incumbent ERP systems.

Hamish said:

“As an external consultancy we partner with the best to make sure great solutions are put in place for our clients.”

With a partnership forged AccessPay and Muzulu will deliver this integrated solution to select clients who are using IFS Applications.

“From payment collection and transmission through to bank reconciliation this partnership helps Muzulu to deliver best practice and confidence to CFOs – ensuring cash flows are optimised and streamlined.

This partnership allows our customers to have a much stronger business solution with their global banking providers.

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