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Crying CEO

The Story of The Crying CEO

Tears wouldn’t have poured – if only he had planned ahead The lore of payments dismay is never openly shared by companies who fail abysmally. Those who get caught are forced to apologise whilst hanging their heads in mortal shame. [...]

I’m a CFO and I’ve been hacked

Rethinking cybersecurity: Be proactive before it’s too late No CFO ever wants to send an email that details how their company has been a victim of cybercrime. Cybersecurity and data breaches are common causes of anxiety amongst board members. Often, they [...]

Always have a “Plan B”

Does your disaster recovery plan include contingency payments? When you find yourselves unable meet payroll and supplier payments, or collect direct debits, perhaps you’ll remember this blog post and think "I should have put a Plan B in place." (more…)

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