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Simple, low cost SWIFT connectivity for corporates

Connect to global payment schemes like SWIFT via AccessPay's secure, Enterprise-to-Bank Integration platform to gain complete control over cross-border payments and multi-banking relationships.

Benefits of SWIFT for corporates

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Multi-bank connectivity

Replace multiple, host-to-host banking channels with a single, manageable bank agnostic connection.

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Standardise financial messages

Rationalise financial processes and systems under a common and standardised messaging format, which helps synchronise banking connectivity between counterparties.

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Automate Financial Processes

Automate payment processing, bank account reconciliation, transactional data gathering and viewcash positions on a daily and intra-daily basis.

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Benefit from a single, secure digital-token with a strong authentication process that simplifies operations and streamlines approval processes with multiple banking partners.

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SWIFT has 99.999% network availability and takes full liability for every message accepted through its network.

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Global Compliance

Guarantee compliance with both domestic and international regulations through automation, standardisation and data transparency.

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“ITV use the cash management function of AccessPay all day, every day."

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Frequently asked questions

What is AccessPay's arrangement with SWIFT?

AccessPay signed a partnership agreement with SWIFT in 2013 which made us first in the market to offer cloud-based payments and cash management application with SWIFT connectivity. Our SWIFT partnership means that AccessPay clients can communicate securely with banks all over the world, with SWIFT financial messaging integrated seamlessly into their cloud-based solution.

How does AccessPay differ to a SWIFT bureau?

The two types of solutions are very different. SWIFT Bureau was the solution from 2000 to 2010. This was evolved by SWIFT and in 2013 the ASP model was released.

Do I have to have a BIC to process international payments via SWIFT?

Yes. As a SWIFT-accredited platform, we can support your application to SWIFT for your own BIC. Please note that AccessPay does hold its own BIC, but this cannot be used for third party payments.

How much does it cost to process international payments via SWIFT with AccessPay?

There are no direct costs, other than our fixed yearly fee, charged by AccessPay. However, your bank or building society may charge their own costs for processing international payments, depending on whether you connect via the SWIFT network or H2H. We should also note that there is no limit, technical or logical, on the number or value of international transactions you can run through AccessPay.

How long does it take to set up international payments with AccessPay?

The more prepared you are, the easier and quicker it’ll be to set up payments with AccessPay. For international payments, the time it takes to complete the set up process depends on whether you’re connecting to banks via SWIFT (3 – 6 months) or H2H (5 – 7 weeks).

Do I need to be connected directly to SWIFT to receive statement messages?

No, you can ask us to instruct banks to send MT940 end-of-day statements to the AccessPay BIC. We will then present them in our platform for you to review. If you already have a SWIFT BIC hosted by AccessPay, that’s not a problem. Just ask your bank to send statements to your BIC and get in touch with us to enable our cash visibility application.

Why AccessPay for SWIFT connectivity?

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One interface

Connect securely to SWIFT’s global banking network of over 11k participants via one single platform.

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Easy Switching

Switch banks seamlessly without the need for host-to-host banking connections.

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Standard Formatting

Automate payment file transformation to standardise financial messages to increase potential for Straight Through Processing and reconciliation of back office applications.

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Significantly reduce implementation lead times and costs associated with integrating disparate systems.

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Eliminate the need for numerous access keys and benefit from a single, secure point of entry for cross-border payments.

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Straight Through Processing

Reduce complexities and boost staff efficiency with no manual re-keying, no human error and no processing delays.

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One platform for ultimate visibility and control

The use of disparate systems and applications across the finance and treasury function can create unnecessary complexity, risk and inefficiency.  By connecting these systems, The AccessPay platform empowers finance and treasury professionals to achieve their goals.

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