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We think there’s nothing like AccessPay on the market – but you be the judge. Complete the form below & find out why organisations such as ITV, Helping & The AA trust AccessPay with their business payments and cash management requirements.

100% automated cash visibility for Corporates

View cash by currency, region, bank or legal entity

Automate intra-day statement retrieval

Integrate with any ERP or accounting system

Who uses AccessPay?

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Faster Cash Positioning

Automated cash management data is delivered early in the day, meaning you can capitalise on better returns before currency cut-off times 

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Manage risk & reporting

Out-of-the-box risk management reports allow you to quickly detect anomalies and trends on the balance sheet to make data-informed decisions.

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Reduce statement processing times by 95%

View all your balances in one place and automatically reconcile your bank statements against ledger forecasts.

Why AccessPay for Cash Management?

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Real-time Liquidity Management.

With cash position intelligence, you'll not only gain more accurate insights over your cash earlier in the day, you'll also be able to take greater advantage of financial markets for optimal returns

Automate Cash Reporting

Eliminate manual data consolidation from your Treasury or Finance function.

With AccessPay, you'll receive automatic reports straight to your inbox. Enabling you to view cash positions by bank, currency, region or legal entity.

"Managing cash is a much more joined-up process with AccessPay. You log in and you know exactly how much cash you have aroudn the group"

Karen Fagan, Head of Treasury Operations
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Customise the way you view and manage cash.

Group accounts together according to business need. Perfect if you need control and visibility of client money accounts or want to group notional pooling accounts together.

Always cloud-based.

Enjoy complete control of your corporate banking estate with AccessPay.

Benefit from secure access; anytime, anywhere from any approved device, as well as free, regular platform upgrades for an altogether more reliable way of managing group cash balances.

“We handle a significant amount of transactions; a large amount of money is being handled. We felt that having a partner we can trust, who can move quickly and keep us up to speed with new developments, was essential.”

Lewis Jones, Head of Treasury Operations and payroll
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Quick & seamless integration.

AccessPay is a file agnostic platform, meaning you can manage multiple banking relationships from one place by integrating any bank or payment file, eliminating manual file transformation.

Who is the AccessPay platform for?

The AccessPay Platform is designed for Corporate Finance & Treasury teams who are:

  • Regularly retrieving statements from online banking portals and analyzing manually in excel
  • Manually reconciling statements Vs ledgers on a daily basis
  • Holding client funds that require daily monitoring and governance

"From enquiry to implementation, migrating over to AccessPay was a seamless process thanks to the level of service we received."

Ryan Corbett, Management Accountant

Frequently asked questions

At AccessPay, we’ll never charge per transaction. Instead we offer a flexible annual subscription model which means you’re not penalised for growth.

Pricing is calculated based on:

  • the total number of banks you want to connect through AccessPay
  • Whether you want to include payment automation capabilities

From purchase to implementation, onboarding with AccessPay takes a matter of weeks.

Once you’re connected, the team will guide you through the process of building out intuitive statement retrieval workflows and managing users on the system. Once that’s done, you’re good to go!

Yes, we’re a Swift accredited, FCA registered vendor and we carry out regular security testing with 3rd party vendors.

We’ve also made a bunch of bank-grade security tools available to our client-base to give you greater peace of mind over your financial data:

• PGP encryption
• Multi-factor authentication
• sFTP upload
• Data masking tools
• Robust, customisable approval workflows
• User profile management
• Fraud/Error detection tools

Yes, the AccessPay platform is 100% cloud based. You don’t need to install anything and will receive free platform upgrades and fixes as soon as you become a customer.

All you’ll need is an internet connection to get started

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Our clients say

"The AA handles a significant volume of transactions; a large amount of money is being handled. We need a partner who we can trust but can move quickly and we have exactly that with AccessPay"
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Lewis Jones
Head of Treasury Operations & Payroll
AccessPay’s designated user features are very useful for us as a council. The systems itself is fast & straightforward and comes with great auditing capabilities".
Ken Wong
Revenues System Administrator
“I am very happy with AccessPay, the system is very easy to use, and it makes the admin side of payments much easier.”
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Csilla Nemeth
Finance System Controlle

"It is reassuring that any future upgrades are included free of charge, and that if our volumes increase, AccessPay's charges will not,"
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Janet Redman
Director of Finance & Resources