Testimonials - Customer stories on payments process efficiency

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Carl Zeiss

“AccessPay has adapted to Carl Zeiss’ financial strategy in a very simple way. It has enabled us to start taking Direct Debit payments, which we previously didn’t do. AccessPay is very user-friendly, especially when setting up AUDDIS files and collection files.”

Minaz Minah, Carl Zeiss


“We mainly use AccessPay for sending Bacs Direct Credit & Direct Debit payments, and for processing international payments. It is undoubtedly necessary for us to involve a third-party software provider because of the volume of payments.”

Csilla Nemeth, StenaLine


“AccessPay work in an area that is incredibly important to us – the handling of Bacs payments and our interaction with Bacs. They also had some very interesting ideas regarding implementation of payments technology within the AA”

Lewis Jones, AA

“I am very happy with the system as it is very easy to use, and it makes the admin side of payments much easier”

Minhaz Miah, Carl Zeiss

Young Women’s Trust

“The AccessPay solution compared very favourably with our experience with the previous vendor. I found the setup process extremely easy and pain free. We had a tight deadline to meet after being issued an ‘End of Life’ notification from our existing supplier, which AccessPay took into consideration and duly met.”

Janet Redman, The Young Women's Trust

Clifford Thames

“Using cheques and cards isn’t financially viable,” Perry Continued. “We needed a fully-integrated, cloud-based system. We also needed great leadership to get the product in place with minimum impact on our staff’s workload. AccessPay really delivered. Our project manager was exceptional; a really excellent individual.”

Perry Charles, Clifford Thames


“Our motto is happy customers, happy home and we’ve experienced a similar ethos whenever we have contacted the customer service team at Access Pay. They are always quick, knowledgable and helpful. They’ve made something previously difficult for us very easy and we’re glad, in turn, to do the same for our customers.”

Will Herrmann, Helpling (Formally Hassle.com)

“We liked the clear focus on security from AccessPay”

Csilla Nemeth, StenaLine

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