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Argyll and Bute process staff payroll, and collect council tax via Direct Debit

"An absolute standout feature of AccessPay is the Helpdesk. The quality and speed of response is beyond any company that I deal with."

Ken Wong, Revenues System Administrator, Argyll and Bute

Argyll and Bute is one of 32 unitary authority councils present in Scotland. Their administration covers a huge area, in fact it is the second largest of any Scottish council.

Like all councils, Argyll and Bute are publicly funded, so they required software with a keen focus on security. Not only that, but one that was easy to use and efficient at submitting and checking multiple payment files, from staff at different levels across the team.


“AccessPay’s designated user features are very useful for us as a council. The fact that there are different levels; some users can have access to all the file types, while certain other users only have access to the one file type, fits well with the way we work at Argyll and Bute”


Argyll and Bute operate a large council, and with that responsibility comes certain challenges; they are dealing with a large amount of public money and funding important services on a daily basis. It was absolutely essential that they had a smooth implementation process because any hiccups or downtime could have resulted in a large number of people having their lives affected.


 “The AccessPay system works really well for the team here at Argyll and Bute. They use it to manage payments and submit files every day, sometimes twice a day.”


This project was an important one for them, and they required support from an expertly trained team. A safety net, someone to turn to if they had any queries or challenges during implementation.


“We generally get an answer to a support query within the hour, sometimes within ten minutes! And it’s not an automated response, it’s an actual human who is very willing to help.”


Aside from the support element, it was key to make sure that there was a significant efficiency reward for the team at Argyll and Bute.  Using our system allows their staff to focus working hours on more important tasks, rather than spending a large proportion of time processing and working with files that could have been sent quicker and more securely via automation through AccessPay.


“Everyone that I have dealt with from AccessPay is very knowledgeable and informed.”


All the required payment information needed is stored within AccessPay’s user interface, and this came particularly useful when the time came for an audit for Argyll and Bute. Instead of having to manually process data, and go back documenting months and months of details from files, it was easily downloaded from the AccessPay system in a matter of minutes.


“The system itself is fast and straightforward. The fact that AccessPay has an audit trail, telling you exactly what was transmitted and when, and for how much, has proved very useful. Normally it would take us quite a while to dig out the files and start that process, so that has saved us a lot of time.”


Another key benefit for Argyll and Bute was the ability via the admin portal to define multiple stages of authorisation. The highest level can see everything, whereas some users only have access to the files they are designated. This is particularly useful when dealing with sensitive information like payroll.


“The way that the system handles security and access is very good.”


This level of control not only gives peace of mind, but it also saves time as users can see the files they are supposed to be working on and don’t have to spend a long time seeking them out – simply open up the portal and they are right in front of you.

“The system itself is fast and straightforward."

Ken Wong, Revenues System Administrator, Argyll and Bute

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