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Case Study: Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss & AccessPay

Carl Zeiss is the world’s leading brand of optic and optoelectronic technology for customers operating within the engineering and medical industries, available for both purchasing and finance.

Facing increasing demand from customers to pay by Direct Debit in order to spread the cost of high-value purchases and larger transactional orders, Carl Zeiss had a decision to make. They wanted to start offering clients a monthly finance option on purchases, as a result financial visibility and a flexible payments structure through Direct Debit was required.

Combining technical expertise with innovation, Carl Zeiss needed a payment supplier that is secure and reliable.

“AccessPay has adapted to Carl Zeiss’ financial strategy in a very simple way. It has enabled us to start taking Direct Debit payments, which we previously didn’t do. AccessPay is very user-friendly, especially when setting up AUDDIS files and collection files.”

Minaz Miah, Carl Zeiss

We partnered with Carl Zeiss to deliver a new credit financing option for expensive purchases. Through AccessPay, customers are now able to select a regular monthly re-payment option.

A vision of the future

Carl Zeiss specialise in high value equipment that is often a considerable investment for their customers. Because of the premium price tag, they found that customers were repeatedly requesting more flexible payment options.

Before the AccessPay solution, setting up monthly finance payments for customers was both time-consuming and prone to human error, as it required issuing an individual invoice each month for the payment. This was problematic for many reasons; it increased staff workload and was ultimately inefficient.

They needed a solution that was reliable and simple to use, enabling staff to process all payments in an efficient and secure way.

Enter AccessPay.

AccessPay delivered

Growing customer demand drove Carl Zeiss to find a payment solution for their premium offerings. Due to the high-value of the equipment involved, it was imperative for Carl Zeiss to continue to meet evolving requirements, making the customer journey and purchasing process effortless.

“AccessPay enables us to meet our customers’ needs and demands further, and it was implemented within our business in a very easy to use and simple way,”

Minaz Miah, Carl Zeiss

Offering convenient monthly payments has proved popular, Carl Zeiss has seen a sharp upturn in staged payments from customers. This change in strategy has made Carl Zeiss accessible to a wider customer base, opening new revenue streams in the process.

“I am very happy with the system as it is very easy to use, and it makes the admin side of payments much easier,”

Minaz Miah, Carl Zeiss

Most importantly, AccessPay has enabled Carl Zeiss to improve their customer experience whilst simultaneously making their internal payments process more efficient and secure.


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