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Case Study: Clifford Thames

Clifford Thames & AccessPay

Clifford Thames is a global leader for automotive parts, managing vehicle maintenance data for leasing, manufacturers and fleets. Their customers include Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and VW Group.

They employ more than 500 staff, have 65 years of experience and work in 10 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

Clifford Thames were undergoing a period of digital transformation, and wanted a payments solution to support their new technology strategy.

“We need to collect cash on time with no delays. We also need a system which gives us the heads up if there are any problems and one that removes obstacles, freeing our staff up to offer excellent customer service.”

Perry Charles, Global Financial Controller

Counting on us

Clifford Thames offers a vast range of vehicle management solutions, delivering innovative services like electronic part catalogues (EPC) and working together with fleets and dealers, therefore processing a high number of payments worldwide. Continent-wide financial visibility was required, alongside scrutiny over payment security methods.

They needed a knowledgeable partner offering full integration software that was accessible from anywhere in the world, and one that is willing to adapt as the company grows.

AccessPay delivered

The requirements for Clifford Thames fit perfectly with the AccessPay offering. As a global leader in car maintenance and manufacturing, the company needed an unyielding payment management system to match – from someone who understood the challenges of processing a plethora of global payments within the automotive industry.

The AccessPay interface allows exactly this, simplified and efficient payment processing across multiple devices from anywhere in the world. This was perfect for Clifford Thames as they needed a pan-European solution, easily accessible by any of the senior team whenever they had to authorise cross-border payment management.

We provided them with a dedicated project manager, who was on hand to assist them with any questions. And our free software updates are applied automatically, so when Clifford Thames’ requirements change due to upscaling, these can be provided instantly.

“Using cheques and cards isn’t financially viable. We needed a fully-integrated, cloud-based system. We also needed great leadership to get the product in place with minimum impact on our staff’s workload. AccessPay really delivered. Our project manager was exceptional; a really excellent individual.”

Perry Charles, Global Financial Controller

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“AccessPay simply adds value to the organisation and bottom line.”

Perry Charles, Global Financial Controller

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