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Providing opportunities to fuel Helpling's business growth

“Using AccessPay we manage to pay several hundred cleaners every day in less than five minutes.”

Will Herrmann, Director, Financial Planning Lead and Strategic Planning Lead, Helpling

Helpling is a gig-economy platform that connects consumers with domestic cleaners; with the aim to simplify the process on both sides, by collaborating with a roster of reliable, self-employed cleaners.

It’s a win-win. The end-user gets a hassle-free service, which is done to a high standard: no more cash on the table, no more disappointment. At the same time, Helpling’s roster of cleaners can concentrate on doing what they do best, without having to worry about how they’ll get paid.

“We run a search facility allowing customers to find great, vetted cleaners within 60 seconds of entering their postcode and provide the infrastructure for the cleaner to manage all payments.


Once the customer has paid us, we then need the ability to pass that payment on – almost immediately – to the cleaner.”

Making technology work in the Now Economy

The gig economy is directly intersected with the idea of instant gratification. Consumers want immediate access to services, and by the same token, freelance workers want instant access to new opportunities.

With hundreds of self-employed people depending on a platform to get paid accurately and on-time, it’s vital that companies like Helpling can collect fees and pay their service partners in as close to real-time as possible.

But for Helpling, paying their team of cleaners was a drawn-out, manual process which relied on staff spending hours processing every payment via a traditional online banking portal.

This wasn’t a scalable process for Helpling: it was time-consuming, often prone to error and would only become more difficult to manage as their number of partners grew.

So Helpling needed to find a technology partner who could form the basis of a reliable process for paying their partners easily, accurately and regularly.

“We were certainly looking for a partner that would be cloud-based. One that we could trust to give us good service and would provide us with a good product. AccessPay was that partner.”

AccessPay met all their requirements with an intuitive ERP-to-Bank integration platform; understanding the company’s needs and how the technology was imperative to their service, before providing the right product from the get-go.

“We were looking to manage our payments in an efficient way that helped us to operate in a similar, cost-effective, time-sensitive manner.”

Integrating technology with service

Since coming on board with AccessPay, Helpling have been very complimentary about the quality of the cloud-based platform, as well as the high standards of professional and technical support the company receives from AccessPay’s dedicated customer success teams.

Using AccessPay’s trustworthy banking connectivity platform, Helpling can now pay all of their partners in less than five minutes.

This means that since engaging AccessPay, there has been a measurable increase in the amount of time Helpling employees can spend engaging with customers and cleaners, rather than processing payments.

The switch in process has revolutionized Helpling’s payments processing activities – adding cost savings and boosting the company’s efficiencies across its entire supply chain.

“AccessPay was an obvious choice to partner up with. Now using AccessPay we manage to pay several hundred cleaners every day in less than five minutes.”

Will Herrmann, Director, Financial Planning Lead and Strategic Planning Lead, Helpling