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How IATA collects £1 Billion in monthly payments with AccessPay

"We chose AccessPay because of their financial value & ability to adapt to IATA’s systems, fitting seamlessly within our existing software and processes."

Javier Orejas Saldaña, Head of Banking Services EMEA & the America’s, IATA

For over seven decades, IATA has built the global standards that enable airlines to connect the world. Named the largest aviation trade association in the UK, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) represents 82% of all air traffic memberships.

Partnering with a number of airlines, IATA fundamentally makes flying even safer and more efficient, but it doesn’t stop there, IATA also commits to the highest standards of sustainability. And they achieve all this by utilising the power of connectivity.

Please get ready for departure

Javier Orejas Saldaña, Head of Banking Services EMEA & the America’s, IATA, understands the value of integrating business processes to achieve key objectives.

He was faced with an incredible challenge when IATA’s bank discontinued their payment capabilities.

Twice a month IATA sends large payment batches that are worth £1 Billion — delays, downtime, and errors are simply not an option.


“In this country alone, with our passenger activity and our cargo activity, IATA collects £1 Billion per month. The challenge is to make this process smooth, with no problems.”

Preparing for take-off

Once Javier and his team heard the news, they began the search for a solution, carefully examining all their options.

The solution was simple, IATA required an integration platform to connect their bank and back-office systems, re-enabling their key capabilities.

“After we served our business requirements, and a number of necessities such as connectivity with our existing systems and tools, we decided to choose AccessPay from the competitive selection.”

AccessPay, the leading Bank Integration Platform stood out among the crowd, being chosen due to a combination of integration capabilities, service quality and competitive packaging.

However, re-establishing payment capabilities was only one part of the puzzle.

Representing 290 airlines is no easy task, IATA acts as the backbone for airlines across the world, as a result, their reputation needs to be maintained with security playing a fundamental role.

Our focus on governance compliance paired with file encryption made us the perfect solution.

Flying high

“This transformed our existing internal process.”

The use of AccessPay’s applications enabled added control and visibility, providing IATA with a solution that has added additional financial value.

IATA’s payment connection was re-established without switching banks, saving not only manpower and costs but, it has also avoided the time-consuming task of switching.

Furthermore, IATA was able to accelerate their speed to value as the project was quick, easy and efficient, ensuring no internal disruptions. IATA’s employees quickly and easily utilised the platform’s capabilities, providing their teams with added agility and improved efficiency.

“It is important for us to have a reliable partner with capabilities in many different areas. AccessPay was that partner, and the proof is that we trust them with our payments, worth £1 Billion per month.”

When it comes to managing and supporting key capabilities, the IATA and AccessPay partnership highlights the power of connectivity.