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How IATA collects £1 Billion in monthly payments with AccessPay

"We chose AccessPay because of their financial value & ability to adapt to IATA’s systems, fitting seamlessly within our existing software and processes."

Javier Orejas Saldaña, Head of Banking Services EMEA & the America’s, IATA

IATA is the international trade association of the world’s airlines, with membership representing 82% of total air traffic. IATA process $3 billion in industry funds annually, collecting £1 billion per month in UK direct debit submissions through AccessPay

IATA is the largest aviation trade association in the UK and, as such, needed hassle-free payments transformation with little to no downtime.


“The complexity of the submission of direct debit files for IATA in the UK means there is no room for error.”


IATA sends a vast number of payments monthly, covering the whole of their UK direct debit activities. This means that twice a month, direct debits are sent in large batches, to ensure that payments are made on time. Having a delay, downtime, or any errors, was not an option.

This schedule reliance meant that any change to their internal payments automation software was mission critical.


“In this country alone, with our passenger activity and our cargo activity, IATA collects £1 billion per month. The challenge is to make this process smooth, with no problems.”


IATA’s challenge was fairly simple to address. Before utilising AccessPay, IATA used a bank to process their high volumes of payments, through indirect submission of bacs. This service was discontinued and that left IATA searching for an alternative that could be implemented with minimal disruption.

Not long after, and eager to find a workable solution, IATA went out to tender. After a careful examination of all the options, IATA selected AccessPay, owing to the combination of service quality, security and competitive packaging.


“After we served our business requirements, and a number of necessities such as connectivity with our existing system and tools, we decided to choose AccessPay from this competitive selection.”


AccessPay knew that for IATA, the issue was simple. The association needed a replacement for the process that their bank was discontinuing; it needed to be capable of integrating with the other software that their team used; and it needed to be easily learned and managed by IATA’s large team of finance accountants.


“Moving forward, AccessPay handled the submission of all our UK Bacs files, through direct submission. This transformed our existing internal process, which was done via indirect submission.”


Direct Debit is such an integral part of IATA’s business in the UK, and a large number of files meant that automation was an essential requirement. Owing to the sheer amount of money being sent monthly by IATA through their payment software, and the reputation of the global brand, security was a key factor in the decision to choose AccessPay. Coupled with our stringent focus on GDPR compliance, AccessPay proved to be the best solution to handle their entire UK submissions.

“It is important for us to have a reliable partner, with capabilities in many different areas. AccessPay was that partner, and the proof is that we trust them with our payments, worth £1 billion per month.”

Javier Orejas Saldaña, Head of Banking Services EMEA & the America’s, IATA

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