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Providing payments transformation and cash management for the UK's largest commercial broadcaster

“AccessPay is really easy to use and it’s really made a difference for us. We are definitely a more efficient team because of it.”

Karen Fagan, Head of Treasury Operations, ITV

AccessPay provided ITV with integrated payments software, as well as greater cash visibility, while maintaining the high level of automation they enjoyed with their previous provider.

ITV needed to switch to a new payments software provider, as its existing service was up for review and they wanted to see what other solutions and functionality were available on the market, whilst still keeping the same high level of automation.

“We were coming to the end of our contract with our previous payments supplier, so it just seemed like an ideal opportunity for us to see what else was out there and see what other solutions we could find.”

Delivering quality payments together

ITV is a huge operation. It was absolutely vital that implementing a new business payments solution wouldn’t affect the day-to-day running of the finance and treasury teams. Automation and ease of use were key here, and they were two reasons that ITV was drawn to AccessPay – but, that wasn’t the only reason they decided to choose us.

AccessPay provided exactly what ITV needed; full visibility of all available balances and the state of finances across the group, including bank statements and transfers. This allows ITV to always see exactly where their cash is.

AccessPay provides the main payments platform used by the ITV Business Service Centre. So, efficient management of a plethora of payments and transfers was essential. From artists to contractors, all of ITV’s staff and talent get paid via the AccessPay platform.

Payments Transformation

AccessPay delivered. The fact that ITV is a global business means that a simple domestic solution wasn’t right for them, as they frequently send payments all around the world. Clearly, with all these payments, security was a key requirement for ITV. They needed to make sure that all the files sent from the back-end were PGP encrypted.

“You login and you know exactly how much cash you have around the group. We were able to see, not just payments that have been made, but also receive confirmations back from the bank. It made managing our cash a much more joined-up process. It’s really easy to use and it’s really made a difference for us. The processes are much slicker, and the team have been able to take on more value-added tasks from different parts of treasury. We are definitely a more efficient team because of it.”

Treasury Transformation

PGP encryption uses a symmetric algorithm, protecting sensitive information and stops the tampering of files by anyone that is not authorised to access them. AccessPay achieved this, providing ITV with the security and peace of mind that they needed. It was reassuring for them to know that their payments were 100% secure.

“It’s not just doing Bacs payments, it’s doing Faster Payments, international payments, SEPA payments. It just seemed like a really straightforward change for us.”

Karen Fagan, Head of Treasury Operations, ITV

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