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Protect your organisation with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

✅ Verify your users are who they say they are

✅Prevent fraudulent activity & data breaches

✅ Control access to business-critical systems

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Soft token authentication

Allow your users to authenticate their login to AccessPay using a Smartphone app. 

 Incorporating biometric authentication where the user’s mobile phone is configured with fingerprint or Face ID technology. 

Unauthorised request can be denied and is fully auditable.

Token-based authentication

Physical tokens are also available.

Industry standard tokens such as Yubikey or Google Titan, as well as all “Universal 2 Factor Authentication” solutions are supported.

Screenshot of Duo MFA login to AccessPay

Rich reporting

Log and Audit all system access, user management and access tokens from one central dashboard. Gain deeper insight in to your user’s routine access to help identify erroneous or anomalous access and take preventative measures. 

Enforce corporate access policies

Configure restricted system access by device type, device health, location, IP address.

Use powerful dashboards to not only ensure that your users are who they say they are, but they only see and do what they’re supposed to. 

Screenshot managing

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