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Fast Secure Payments

Improving security and reducing inefficiencies around business payments

Interfaced with legacy systems, which have historically proven to be far too lenient in the way data is shared and secured, organisations now require solutions that deliver both fast and secure payments.

The manual task of uploading payment files and managing the approvals process, in addition to increasing security issues surrounding the processing and protecting of sensitive payment data, is no longer acceptable.

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Financial technology [also known as FinTech], continues to improve efficiencies in the way payment data is processed and with this comes a far greater requirement to meet compliance and regulatory standards.

AccessPay can help you overcome this challenge

In response to this industry requirement, AccessPay have developed a solution that allows organisations to automate and manage the entire payments process, all within a single access secure environment.

AccessPay Automation

Automate outgoing payments to reduce manual intervention, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Integrates into existing ERP, TMS and company back-end systems
SFTP File submission
Translates existing file type into bank format without manual intervention
Removes the need for manually rekeying information with straight through processing of data.
Reduces the possibility of human error and likelihood of fraud.
Improves data availability, reliability and accuracy
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AccessPay Approval and Compliance

Securing your payments life-cycle end-to-end with approval and compliance functionality for greater protection.

Create segregation of duties and a hierarchy of authorisations
Personalise payments routes based on company compliance policy
Rules can be set to be simple or as complex as possible
Each user receives individual portal login details with full administration, reporting and audit tracking functionality
Data integrity allows organisation to validate payments based on original submission – assuring accuracy and consistency of data throughout the payment life-cycle

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Current Process

Many organisations’ approach to payments processing is manual, with little or no validation in place, risk of data inaccuracy and inconsistency in confidentiality procedures.

  • Unable to reject individual erroneous transactions
  • No audit trail to check compliance with company policy
  • No controls in place to detect fraud
  • Difficulty when segregating files
  • Manual process driven payment life-cycle
  • Value based approval only

AccessPay Solution

To address these challenges, AccessPay have developed a business payment automation solution, underpinned by a secure approval and compliance framework.

  • File integrity checker with error and warning reports
  • Ability to continue processing file by suppressing individual erroneous transactions
  • Full audit trail in compliance with company policy
  • Automated process with straight-through-processing
  • Fraud detection and notification built into every step
  • Strict controls around setting up new beneficiaries
  • Smart card, biometric verification and HSM options provide secure authentication

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