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Payments Automation

Payments automation could
save your business £3000* a year

Online banking isn’t payments automation. You can make your payments processes more secure, efficient and save hundreds of man hours by reducing manual intervention.

Making business payments easier

Processing business payments need not be so complicated. Simplify it with a single access payments automation module from AccessPay.

Multiple payment types, disparate file formats, manual reconciliation and payment data entry –
Making business payments can get tedious, with exposure to risk and human error always a possibility.

Together with ongoing pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, it has become increasingly evident that a solution is required to streamline the entire business payments process.

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AccessPay Payments Automation Module

Our single access, cloud-based payments automation module can navigate all these challenges and ultimately help you improve the speed at which you process your business payments and transactions

Your problem

Manual intervention -All transactions are collated, processed and approved individually.
Limited validation – Unable to validate payment file types, causing submission errors and payment delays.
>Reconciliation – Manual data entry into varying payment submission channels.
Confidentiality – No audit trail to check compliance with company policy or to detect risk of fraud.
screen.png: Making Direct Debit Payments on a Laptop

Our solution

Quick setup – We can have you ready in days.
Single access – Enabling easier and faster transaction processing.
File and systems agnostic  – Connects to all ERP, TMS and back office systems and process all payment types.
Straight-through-processing – Reduces complexity and increases staff efficiency.

Benefits for your business

  • Reduce time and resource costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Available through any web portal
  • Reduce exposure to risk and error
  • Improve performance

Find out more

If you are operating in a financial environment you know could be more efficient, speak to one of our payments advisors today.

Come and discover how AccessPay can help you streamline your business payments processes.
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