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Real-time cash management and analytics

Its never been easier to gain a real-time, multi-bank view of your cash position; centralised and automated within AccessPay's Enterprise-to-Bank Integration Platform.

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Increase Operating Efficiency

No more spreadsheet building and manual data gathering. View all your balances in one place and automatically reconcile your bank statements against ledger forecasts.

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Generate revenue and reduce costs

Automated cash management data is delivered early in the day, meaning you can capitalise on better returns before currency cut-off times

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Risk Management & Reporting

Out-of-the-box risk management reporting and alerts allow you to quickly detect anomalies and trends on the balance sheet.

“AccessPay is really easy to use and it’s really made a difference for us. We are definitely a more efficient team because of it.”

Karen Fagan, Head of Treasury Operations, ITV Read the story

Why AccessPay for cash management and analytics?

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Remove hours of manual analysis

Arrive in the morning with a report in your inbox outlining your global cash positions by bank, currency, region or legal entity. No longer will you have to spend the first few hours of your day compiling spreadsheets from multiple sources.

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Real-time liquidity management

View all your essential banking and transactional data in one place and make data driven cash and liquidity management decisions quickly and efficiently.

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Position cash earlier in the day

With cash position intelligence immediately available, you’ll be able to take greater advantage of the financial markets, placing available cash for optimal returns earlier in the day.

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Minimise risk and manage exposure

As well as removing the risks associated with manual data compilation, AccessPay allows you to manage large exposure, reduce negative credit interest exposure and understand unexpected activity.

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Expose underutilised nostro accounts

Complete visibility of all of your cash balances helps you uncover pockets of dormant cash, allowing you to sweep into higher interest accounts, or use as an alternative to costly lending facilities.

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Improve your cost of borrowing

With centralised visibility of all your accounts and interest rates, you’ll be able to select the accounts where lending facilities can be delivered at more favorable rates as well as avoiding unnecessary overdraft interest charges

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One platform for ultimate visibility and control

The use of disparate systems and applications across the finance and treasury function can create unneccessary complexity, risk and inefficiency. By connecting these systems, The AccessPay platform empowers finance and treasury professionals to achieve their goals.

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