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Direct Debit Collections

The AccessPay Platform provides frictionless Bacs connectivity to make collecting recurring payments from your customers quick, easy and secure.

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The AccessPay platform automates key parts of the Direct Debit collections process; from scheduling submissions to downloading Bacs reports, freeing you to focus more time on value-added tasks.

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Greater Control

Automating Direct Debit collections with AccessPay can provide greater control around cashflow whilst enabling the delivery of more flexible payment mechanisms for your customers.

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Security & disaster recovery

Whether you’re in the office or on the move, enjoy bank grade security. The AccessPay platform also offers anytime, anywhere access, as well as complete control over the approvals process.

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"AccessPay understood at the end of the day that we need to get a job done, we need a tool to do so, and frankly we want the least fuss possible.”

Lewis Jones, Head of Treasury Operations and Payroll, The AA Read the story

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I get up and running?

The speed and agility of AccessPay means the entire project cycle is quick and painless. We combine cloud technology with a personal approach and a ‘can-do’ attitude that often enables our clients to go live within a short time frame.

Do I need a SUN to sign up to your Direct Debit collection services?

Yes. In order to begin collecting Direct Debits through Bacs you will need to approach your sponsoring bank about acquiring a Service User Number (SUN).

Your SUN is a unique identifier for your organisation. Bacs (the clearing service for Direct Debits), need it to create a record of each Direct Debit transaction.

For steps on how to apply for a SUN download our useful guide: Bacs Service User Number (SUN) Guide.

Typically your business will be unable to obtain a SUN from a sponsoring bank if you:

  • Have been trading less than 3 years
  • Have a turnover of less than £1 million
  • Do not have an established relationship with your bank

However there are exceptions to this rule and if you are unsure where your business falls in this criteria, then please contact us.

How much does the service cost?

We don’t provide an out of the box solution, as we customise the platform to meet your specific business needs and ensure compatibility with your back-office systems.

Pricing factors we consider include the volume & value of transactions, technical requirements and administrative demand.

Who can take advantage of this service?

It’s suited for business-to-business and business-to-customer collections of either fixed or varying recurring amounts.

Why use AccessPay for Direct Debit collections?

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Access anytime, anywhere

Enjoy complete control of your Direct Debit payments. You can access the AccessPay platform securely; anytime, anywhere from any device.

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Quick and seamless integration

This AccessPay platform is file agnostic. Which means you can  manage multiple banking relationships from one place.

This also means that you get speed-to-value, with a quick implementation process, you can be up and running collecting Direct Debits in a matter of days. Integrating any file type or bank, without any changes to your existing file format.

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Data pre-validator

Our validator API can quickly check and confirm sort codes, account numbers and other data before sending payments. Delays and charges will be a thing of the past with AccessPay.

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Schedule your payments

Extremely flexible, the AccessPay platform gives you the freedom to schedule different payment amounts, on different dates, in a way which fits the needs of your business.

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Simpler reconciliation

Receive automated downloads of AUDDIS and Bacs reports in various formats to make carrying out onward reconciliation with your back-office systems so much simpler.

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Smoother processes

It’s easy to set up complex workflows and payment approval processes within the AccessPay platform. Enjoy total control over access; you can set roles and permissions for every user.

Reduce the cost of collecting Direct Debit payments by 90%

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One platform for ultimate visibility and control

The use of disparate systems and applications across the finance and treasury function can create unnecessary complexity, risk and inefficiency. By connecting these systems, The AccessPay platform empowers finance and treasury professionals to achieve their goals.

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