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Business payments should be simple

There are many ways an organisation can send and receive electronic payments

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Let AccessPay guide you through the payments world:


UKs most popular payments service for sending and receiving business payments


Collect regular, fixed and one-off payments from UK bank accounts


Send up to £250,000 in near real-time through one single transaction


Coordinate payments across multi-country banking relationships with ease


Trade across Europe with the same convenience as your own domestic payment systems

Single access module for all payment services

With a diverse range of business transactions, navigating them through each individual payments system can be daunting. Not only will your choice need to be suitable for your business, but it will also need to be ideally suited for each and every payer or payee to whom you are sending and receiving payments.

Steer all your business payments from one single access portal using the cloud-based AccessPay Unified Payments Platform

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Come and discover how AccessPay can help you make easier business payments.

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