SecureFlow - Real-time alerting & predictive intelligence-secure payments


Detect fraud and identify errors before payments are made

icon Fraud detection

Fraud Detection identifies suspicious activity at the point of payment initiation

icon Real-time alerting

Real-time Alerting to irregular user actions, transactions and leading fraud indicators

icon, Predictive intelligence

Predictive Intelligence dynamically determine erroneous transactions and set aside for further analysis

What is SecureFlow?

Unauthorised, erroneous and fraudulent business payments can cost millions. Large organisation means there are large scale payment processing requirements, which can lead to vulnerability and repeated attempts to defraud them. Fraud and errors can incur needless costs, not just financial, but reputational too.

SecureFlow ensures that your payments can flow effortlessly from your ERP or TMS, screening transactional files for irregularities and potential errors and alerting you in real-time. In other words, SecureFlow alerts you to potential threats, before they hit you.

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icon error detection software

A unique rules based engine reduces the possibility of user errors, significantly minimising the risk of erroneous transactions

icon, triggers for alerting, fraud prevention software

Using a series of triggers, SecureFlow detects fraud and unauthorised activity at the point of payment initiation

icon, real-time alerting

Be alerted in real-time of any irregularities within transactions, of leading fraud indicators and irregular user actions

icon transaction profiling, fraud prevention software

SecureFlow continuously profiles your transactions to build a picture of what is irregular for your organisation.

Trusted by leading corporates

A simple screening process detects potential threats and alerts you via a traffic light rating system

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