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Treasury Management System
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View Statement data across multiple banks and regions

No more spreadsheet building – view all of your balances in one place, anytime, anywhere.

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Make smarter investment decisions

Instant access to your global statement data
quickly exposes long and short balances

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De-risk and streamline treasury operations

Remove hours of manual statement compilation and reconciliation
time from your treasury management process

Automated global cash visibility in one simple, but powerful platfrom

Managing multiple banking relationships across multiple currencies using multiple data sources can create risk and missed opportunity. Treasury teams typically spend hours of manual processing time compiling statement information and placing it into a format that can be used to inform business and investment decisions. But it needn’t be this way

Automating statement visibility through one powerful platfrom unlocks not just the time of the treasury operations team, but the potential for that team to inform smarter treasury decision making.

By viewing all of your statement information in one platfrom, by region, currency or bank you’ll be able to improve reconciliation processes and make better, more informed decisions about short term lending facilities

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treasury statement visibility

Switch treasury resource from data compilation to analysis

Typically the first few hours of the treasury teams day are spent compiling cash position data. Automating statement collection and visibility removes this entirely.

Drive smarter investment decisions

By easily visualising all of your statement information, you’re able to quickly expose short and long balances and invest accordingly.

Statement visibility
Ledger reconciliation

Easier statement, ledger reconciliation

Quickly export statement information for offline reconciliation with your accounts payable and accounts recievable data.

Cutomise the way you view your global cash balances.

Tailor your cash management visualisation to your organisation by creating custom account groupings.

Cash management

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How can BankSense help you with:


Treasury Risk Management

Remediation rather than prevention is prevalent when it comes to managing risk exposure. So, how can BankSense help you with treasury risk management?


Real-time Cash & Liquidity Reporting

If you’re positioning funds late in the day when liquidity has dried up in some markets and returns are limited, then real-time cash and liquidity reporting could help you.


Executing Profitable Treasury Tactics

Treasury departments are now called upon to help add value beyond cash management. For the modern-day treasurer, this means moving from a cost-centre, to a profit-centre function.

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