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Payments Automation and Financial Messaging Transformation

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The Challenge for Accounts Payable:

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When you’re processing bulk payments, security and accuracy are paramount. Logging in to multiple bank accounts and manually uploading payment files is an inefficient process that can leave your organisation susceptible to risks like error and fraud. 

Automating the process can transform your payment operations from a manually-intensive, risk prone process in to efficient and secure workflows that free up resource to focus on more value-added tasks.

How can AccessPay help?

Automate bulk payment runs

Prevent fraud & error

Unlock your financial data

Bank-Grade Security

Screenshot of a host-to-host payment submission in AccessPay

Centralise bulk payment operations

Manage payroll, supplier payments and collections from a single platform. The AccessPay platform is also file-agnostic, turning the upload and transformation of payment files in to a completely automated process. 

  • Host-to-Host Banking Connections
  • International Payments (SEPA, SWIFT)​
  • UK Payments (Bacs Direct Credit & Debit, Faster Payments, CHAPs)

Prevent errors & fraud

The AccessPay platform benefits from a range of bank-grade security tools designed to keep your organisation’s financial data secure.

  • Artificial Intelligence scans your payment files for errors and detects suspicious transactions before you can approve payment runs
  • Data masking and encryption ensures that sensitive financial data within your payment files cannot be compromised
  • Advanced auditing capabilities make it easy to comply with regulatory and internal governance
Screenshot of Detect file submission analysis in AccessPay
screenshot of accounts payable workflows in AccessPay

Fast, effective reporting and reconciliation

Unlock the real value behind your payment data. View the status of all your payments in real-time and gain the insights you need to quickly respond to any issues and ensure your suppliers and vendors are always happy. 

  • Automated statement retrieval from any bank
  • Enhanced reporting tools
  • Auto-detect anomalies

Secure approvals

Staying in control of your payment approvals process is crucial in keeping the sensitive financial data you hold around staff, suppliers and customers safe.

  • Multi-factor authentication reduces the risk of threat actors intercepting and accessing payment information
  • Benefit from clear segregation of duties with customisable, role-based permissions
  • Build custom approval workflows around your existing payment approval processes to guarantee a secure, walls up approach to payment processing

What Our Customers Say About Us:

The AccessPay platform

AccessPay’s industry-first platform is specially built to enable accounts payable teams to drive efficiency and ensure control by integrating all of their back-office payment systems with all of their banks and payment schemes around the world. This automates your payables processes, helping you optimize accuracy and security, while also saving valuable time.

Why choose AccessPay?

Regulatory Compliance

  • We make complying with the latest regulations our business as a vendor approved by SWIFT, FCA, G-Cloud, and others.

Integration Network

  • Integrate or connect directly with the world’s most popular (or niche) banks, schemes and finance systems.

Optimum Security

  • Data privacy and security are a must for GDPR and our ISO27001 certification
  • Our tools enable enhanced security and fraud prevention for our clients

Customer Support

  • Customer-rated as the best support in our industry with proactive, UK-based rapid responses
  • Remote access and remote updates all included for agile technical service

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