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The Challenge for Cash Management & Treasury

As treasurers, your goal is to help your business grow by monitoring its cash and investing wisely, but outdated manual treasury management processes could be holding you back. Not only do they make it harder for you to keep track of your financial data, they waste your time too – time you should be spending planning for the future.

How can AccessPay help?

Real-time cash Visibility

Get Total Control

Automate Processes and Reporting

Reduce Risk and Error

screenshot of banksense cash management solution from accesspay

Real-time Visibility

Real-time analytics, intra-day reporting and liquidity forecasting tools give you the insight you need across your entire cash portfolio so you can manage your cash and plan for expenditure, debt repayment and investment opportunities.

  • Intra-day updates for real-time analysis
  • Oversight and control for rapid reaction to changes in FX, credit, interest rates
  • Liquidity forecasting to enable short-term investment decisions

Get Total Control

  • Sweep money from one account to another from one control panel
  • Enforce system access and process control
  • Auto-logged tasks and automated processes mean easier audits
Screenshot of cash forecasting in AccessPay
screenshot of payments and cash management functionality in AccessPay

Automated Processes & Reports

Automated treasury management features, as well as payment and other tools give you complete visibility of your cash management features, all with a single click.

Reduce Risk and Error

With our authentication tools and fraud prevention techniques, your treasury team can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your business is secure from fraud and compliant with the latest legislation

Screenshot of payment approvals in AccessPay

What Our Customers Say About Us:

How it works:

AccessPay’s industry-first platform is designed to meet all your treasury management needs by integrating all of your back-office systems with your banks and accounts around the world. This not only optimizes efficiency by automating your cash management, it gives you real-time visibility over all your cash, so you can take complete control over your business finances.

Why choose AccessPay?

Regulation Assurance

  • Intra-day updates for real-time analysis
  • Oversight and control for rapid reaction to changes in FX, credit, interest rates
  • Liquidity forecasting to enable short-term investment decisions

Integration Network

  • Integrate or connect directly with the world’s most popular finance and treasury systems and banks – or niche ones only you use.


  • Enhanced security and fraud prevention tools
  • GDPR compliance to banks

Lockdown Security

  • Proactive, rapid response UK-based support
  • Remote access and remote updates all included for agile technical service
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