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Say goodbye to week-long payroll runs through the power of automation. Pay your team quickly and easily, wherever they are in the world, while eliminating the risk of errors, fraud and delays.

The Challenge for Payroll Teams

Doing a payroll run can take days. Not only do you waste time doing mundane tasks like logging into multiple bank accounts, downloading and uploading files, and keying in each amount, but even when you triple-check for accuracy you run the risk of errors or even fraud slipping through your defenses, which negatively impact your businesses and employees.

What’s more, you have to deal with last-minute requests like T&E scraping in before deadline and the concern over who has permission to view sensitive payroll data

How can AccessPay help?

Save time and streamline your payroll run

Eliminate payroll errors & fraud

Simplify reporting

Get role-based approvals and data masking

Save time and streamline your payroll run

Simplify your payroll run by submitting all of your payments to any bank or scheme from one platform. Now you can pay your employees in any country, currency, or payment type – domestic, international or same-day – with ease.

  • International Payments (SEPA, SWIFT)​
  • Same-Day (FPS, Instant Payments)​
  • ACH (Bacs)
  • Bank & System Integrations

Eliminate payroll errors & fraud

Leverage robotic processing automation to spot those needle-in-a-haystack errors in your lengthy payroll run and to automate the submission of payments once they’ve been approved to mitigate fraud. 

  • Eliminate manual payroll processes with bank and payment scheme integration
  • Auto-detect anomalies before they cause a problem

Simplify reporting

Get ready-made payroll reports delivered straight to your inbox for better visibility and control. Reconciliation takes place instantly once the data is available so you can react in real-time if a payment can’t go through or something is amiss. 

  • Automated statement retrieval
  • Enhanced reporting tools
  • Auto-detect anomalies

Get role-based approvals and data masking

Control who can access, view, and approve your sensitive payroll data. With our security and data-masking and encryption solutions, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your business and your employees are secure.

  • Dual- or multi-factor authentication tools to limit access to authorised personnel
  • Role-based approvals and permissions, including data-masking for sensitive payroll information
  • Secure mobile app for easy, safe approvals

What Our Customers Say About Us:

The AccessPay platform

AccessPay’s industry-first platform is designed for payroll teams to drive efficiency and lockdown security and control by integrating all of their back-office payroll systems with all of their banks and payment schemes around the world. This automates your payroll payment processes, so you can save time, while ensuring accuracy and data security.

Why choose AccessPay?

Regulation Assurance

  • We make complying with the latest regulations our business as a vendor approved by SWIFT, FCA, G-Cloud, and others.

Integration Network

  • Integrate or connect directly with the world’s most popular (or niche) banks, schemes and finance systems.


  • Data privacy and security are a must for GDPR and our ISO27001 certification
  • Our tools enable enhanced security and fraud prevention for our clients

Customer Support

  • Customer-rated as the best support in our industry with proactive, UK-based rapid responses
  • Remote access and remote updates all included for agile technical service

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