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Efficient Payment Operations

Easily scale your payment operations

Payments are mission critical. Get the right process in place and your payments can flow seamlessly from your ERP or Treasury Management System direct to beneficiaries around the globe with minimal human intervention. Get the process wrong, or allow legacy back office infrastructure to impact your payment processing and your organisation could be incurring needless costs.

Streamline all of your payment processing

Through one platform, you’ll be able to centralise all of your payment operations. Route payments to the schemes you need to, pull payment files directly from your ERP or back office system, control what each user in your team see’s and batch your payments up for delivery.

Find out how Helpling reduced their payment processing time by almost 100%.

Payment Transformation
Efficient payment operations

Control what your team see and when they see it

Overhead reducing workflows ensure only the right people in your team are able to see the payment files for their role or level within the business. Set approval levels that ensure your senior team members are notified as and when files are ready for sign-off.

Identify and remove erroneous payments before they’re made

A traffic light system will alert you to the transactions that pose the biggest risk, you’ll be able to review the payments were a potential error has been detected at a glance, review them and then submit for payment. You’ll never have to review a payment file line by line again.

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