Efficient Payment Operations - AccessPay

Efficient Payment Operations

Easily scale your payment operations

Transform payment files from any ERP or TMS

One platform for multi-scheme, multi-bank, multi-currency payments

Convert payment messages to your own specification

One platform, all of your payments, all of your banks.

AccessPay understand the mission critical nature of payments. Get the right process in place and your payments can flow seamlessly from your ERP or Treasury Management System direct to beneficiaries around the globe with minimal human intervention. Get the process wrong, or allow legacy back office infrastructure to impact your payment processing and your organisation could be incurring needless costs, increasing the threat of payment fraud and almost certainly running the risk of creating erroneous payments. AccessPay’s platform creates a secure conduit between your back office and your global banking network to ensure you get the process right.

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PGP File encryption protects payment files on their journey through AccessPay for payment

One platform for multi-currency, multi-country, multi-scheme payments removes the risk of users operating outside a controlled framework


Workflow & User Management Control ensures staff can only see what you want them to see and that clear thresholds exist for payment approvals

Secure Two Factor Authentication for all logins



Payment fraud and error detection through SecureFlow’s intelligent screening engine

Customisable email alerts

Trusted by leading corporates

3 Easy steps


Connect your ERP or TMS system directly into AccessPay’s platform.


Set bespoke approval levels, control user visibility and withhold suspicious or erroneous transactions.


Submit your transactions for payment.

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