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The Challenge:

“Finance transformation” projects can cost millions and years of your time, whether it’s moving to the cloud, enabling a new ERP, or getting systems and banks to “talk to each other”.

There’s nothing worse than investing in new technology only to end up with a mess of inefficient, risk-prone processes due to a lack of connection to other core systems, pointlessly manual tasks, or security blips when files are manually downloaded and uploaded.

How can AccessPay help?

Faster Time to Value and ROI

Scalable, Easy Integrations

Automate Inefficient, Risk-Prone Processes

Create a Shared Services Team

Screenshot of AccessPay cash management solution (banksense)

Faster time to value and ROI

our finance system is supposed to be your “single source of truth” and provide a 360-degree view of your cash. We work with you to achieve this goal, automating the delivery of all your data into your TMS or ERP, providing real-time visibility of all your finances and ensuring your system is being used to its fullest.

  • Dedicated implementation support
  • Best-in-industry customer service

Scalable, easy integrations

Integrate all your systems with multiple banks and payment schemes from a single platform, and save yourself time and money compared with doing it yourself. Add more banks and systems quickly and easily to support your business growth, with no need to depend on an IT team or external developer. 

  • System to Bank Integrations​
  • ERP Projects​
  • Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)​
  • Move to Cloud​
  • Setting up Shared Services
screenshot of payment automation workflow builder in accesspay
Screenshot of a host-to-host payment submission in AccessPay

Automate Inefficient, Risk-Prone Processes

Leverage intelligent automation to map out and streamline your finance processes. Use our smart features to auto-detect anomalies before they become an issue, minimizing the risk of fraud & errors. 

  • Automation of manual processes optimizes efficiency
  • Robotic Processing Automation to auto-detect anomalies and errors

Ideal for Shared Service Centres

You can leverage a single finance team to manage global operations with our cloud-based platform that connects your global banks, schemes and systems, and automates finance processes. A shared services team can submit worldwide payments and pull global cash management reports all from one place.

  • Cloud-based finances
  • Integration with systems, banks and schemes across the globe
  • Streamlined finance operations
Screenshot of AccessPay cash management solution (banksense)

What Our Customers Say About Us:

The AccessPay platform

AccessPay’s industry-first platform is designed to maximize the value and ROI of any finance transformation project, by integrating a company’s back-office systems with all of their banks and payment schemes around the world. This automates finance processes, from payments, to collections, to cash visibility, so you can save time, while ensuring accuracy and data security.

Why choose AccessPay?

Regulatory Compliance

  • We make complying with the latest regulations our business as a vendor approved by SWIFT, FCA, G-Cloud, and others.

Integration Network

  • Integrate or connect directly with the world’s most popular (or niche) banks, schemes and finance systems.

Optimum Security

  • Data privacy and security are a must for GDPR and our ISO27001 certification
  • Our tools enable enhanced security and fraud prevention for our clients

Customer Support

  • Customer-rated as the best support in our industry with proactive, UK-based rapid responses
  • Remote access and remote updates all included for agile technical service
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