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Payroll Payments for Accountants

Increase your revenue potential

Grow revenue for your practice by offering a payment service to your clients.

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Increase your margins

Use our Bacs Approved, RTI Compliant Bureau software to submit client payroll payment files with no transaction fees or usage-based charges.


Offer a Payroll Service

Offer a Payroll Service without the hassle of becoming a Bacs Approved Bureau –  A process which involves a lengthy application process, including an internal audit of your firm.


Expand your existing Payroll Service

Expand the exisiting payroll service that your accountancy practice offers and increase your client base and profits at the same time.

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Security & Fraud Prevention

Approval Workflows, Two-factor Authentication and Fraud Prevention measures ensure your client’s payroll payments are submitted through a secure and robust payments solution.

Trusted by leading corporates

Why AccessPay for Payroll Payments?

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Already a Bacs Approved Bureau?

If you’re an existing Bacs Approved Bureau? We have a solution for you – Find out how we can help…

Payroll payment submissions with fixed costs

Submitting your clients Payroll Payment files via the cloud gives you complete control over the process and speed of submissions – Offer an inclusive payroll service to your clients by including payroll payments as part of the service.

  • Fixed Annual Fee – for as long as you want to use the service
  • 1 Year Rolling – no lengthy contracts, annual option to renew
  • No Transaction fees – even as collection volumes increase
  • Rapid Onboarding – Go Live in a matter of days
  • Add new clients – Add new clients to the system with ease
  • Free Platform Upgrades – typically every 6-9 months at no extra cost
  • No ‘End of Life’ – certainty of price with no increases or forced upgrades
  • Cloud-based – access anytime, anywhere, with a internet connected device

Customer Success Stories

Read about important successes customers have achieved using the AccessPay Business Payment Solution.

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