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Reporting for treasury and finance

Use detailed analysis and reporting to reduce idle cash and liquidity risk, improve funding for strategic business initiatives and increase cash visibility across all your banking partners.

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Know your cash position

Constrained by disparate technologies and lacking a multi-bank, multi-currency dashboard view of their bank accounts, finance and treasury professionals are finding it hard to keep a careful eye on their cash position.

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Timely and accurate reconciliation

Monopolising time while risking inaccuracy, manual reconciliation can prove costly to an organisation’s financial wellbeing, especially when you add high transaction volumes, multiple bank accounts and various file formats to the mix.

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Enhanced reporting

To ensure your organisation has the funding it needs to grow, effective cash flow management is vital. Timely information, detailed analysis and an improved handle on risk are fundamental factors to achieving this result.

“ITV use the cash management function of AccessPay all day, every day."

Karen Fagan, Head of Treasury Operations, ITV Read the story

Why AccessPay for reporting?

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Notifications & Alerts

Always be the first person to know when something important changes or breaks. Receive notifications and alerts to allow you to quickly detect anomalies and trends on the balance sheet.

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Time efficiencies

Single sign on instead of multiple banking portal logins, and a platform that connects your ERP, TMS and other back-office systems. It means you spend less time collating data and your finance and treasury function is fully-synced.

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Out-of-the-box & Customisable Reports

See how your organisation is performing, with easy‑to‑understand, highly visual reports including template reports on daily balances, credit usage, reconciliation and more. And customise reports quickly to better adapt to changing business needs.

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Improve Business Insights

Empower your investment or financing decision-making by improving business insights through detailed finance and treasury reporting and analysis.

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Invest earlier in the day

Don’t wait for reports or spreadsheets created late in the day. Capitalise on better returns available before currency cut-off times with a real-time view of current and expected cash positions.

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Compliance and Risk Management

Alert your team to key risk events such as large exposures, peak liquidity usage, large cash in-flow and out-flow and late movements of cash. Our solutions are fully compliant, taking the time, guesswork and frustration out of accurate reporting.

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One platform for ultimate visibility and control

The use of disparate systems and applications across the finance and treasury function can create unnecessary complexity, risk and inefficiency. By connecting these systems, The AccessPay platform empowers finance and treasury professionals to achieve their goals.

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