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Take complete control of cross border payments with SWIFT gpi


Take complete control of cross border payments with SWIFT gpi

SWIFT GPI winners

SWIFT’s Global Payments Innovation (GPI) is the biggest change to international payments in the last 30 years.  For complex multi-nationals and Financial Institutions, the impact of GPI will be transformational.  The ability to track international payments from end to end, to see every charge applied as the payment passes through networks, to see FX rates applied and deducted at every interval will empower Finance and Treasury decision makers with insight that will reduce cost, inform investments and optimize liquidity.


Track payments in real time

(just like a parcel!)


Full transparency of fees and FX

Swift GPI Corporates

Full transparency of processing time


Stop and recall payments in minutes

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Industry Challenge Winners

In 2017, AccessPay entered the SWIFT gpi Industry Challenge.  Invited by SWIFT to answer the question ‘How would you leverage the power of GPI for the benefit of the corporate treasurer’, AccessPay beat 40 other Fintech applicants to become one of only two winners globally.

GPI Technology for Corporates

Complete end to end payment tracking

Track the status of an international payment, through the corresponding bank networks and on to your beneficiary accounts, showing the exact amount to be credited and the date.

Easy investigation and reconciliation

Remove your reliance on your banking partners support teams by interrogating your transactions using various search and filter criteria, pin-pointing specific transactions and viewing their status.  Using our GPI enabled platform, UETR codes are matched to your ERP driven reference codes for easy statement versus ledger reconciliation.

SWIFT GPI Reconcilliation
SWIFT GPI Negotiation

Negotiate better rates with your banking partners

Using GPI enabled payments technology, you’ll be able to see the exact charges and FX rates being deducted from your transactions as they move through the international correspondent banking network.  Armed with that knowledge you’ll be able to select and negotiate more favorable terms with existing and new banking partners.

GPI Insights

James Higgins explains AccessPay’s
approach to the GPI Industry Challenge

AccessPay and Assembly Payments

win SWIFT’s global gpi industry challenge

Swift GPI

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