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Sterling 2000

Sterling 2000 & AccessPay

Sterling 2000 is one of the longest-running contractor organisations in the UK.

Processing contractor services since 1998, Sterling are a market leader in contractor services, predominantly working with contractors and temporary workers. They process a huge amount of payments into thousands of contractors’ accounts every week and needed a software solution to help them do just that.

“We use AccessPay to pay the thousands of agency workers and contractors that we have working for us across the UK.”

Ian Brown Sterling Group

AccessPay has enabled them to streamline and automate high volume payout to their agency workers. 

Organising payments

Sterling realised that they had a problem – they had a lot of contractors that needed paying reliably, and the list of agency workers on their books was constantly changing.

They came to AccessPay looking for a solution that would streamline their payments and collections, without having to manually process each contractor payment through a time consuming and risky method like online banking.

Sterling are dealing with peoples livelihoods, their contractors expect prompt payment for the work they’ve completed, that meant a solution that was reliable and fast was crucial. The implementation process also needed to be seamless, with minimal disruption and very little downtime, avoiding any potential risk to Sterling’s reputation.

Being a dependable payment provider for contractors is fundamental for the success of Sterling’s business. It’s simple – if the workers don’t receive their payments consistently, they will choose another provider.

“When Sterling release payments, we need to be able to do that pretty much instantly. We can send up to 4000 faster payments each week, in multiple batches. Therefore, we wanted a solution which would allow Sterling to efficiently manage all of our payments,”

Ian Brown, Sterling Group

AccessPay delivered

Ensuring that Sterling’s contractor workers receive their payments on time is vital to their business.

“AccessPay is uncomplicated and easy to use. It covers everything that we need.”

Ian Brown, Sterling Group

With the faster payment solution on board, offering ease of multiple payment batches, contractors waiting hours to receive their payments was a thing of the past. The ability to upload regular, almost instant, Same day payment batches was a huge step forward for Sterling, increasing their reputation and client offering.

“AccessPay offered an innovative solution that covered everything we required, at a price that was very competitive.”

Ian Brown, Sterling Group

Paying contractors, quickly, on time and in high volumes requires a streamlined process.  AccessPay delivered this, meaning that Sterling no longer had to send and manage all their payments using card readers – a time consuming and inefficient process.



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