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Bank-grade security, built for corporate payment operations

✅ Secure payment gateway connecting to all major UK & international payment schemes


✅ Identify and suppress suspicious transactions before they’re processed

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Access Pay Detect

Spot suspicious transactions with Artificial Intelligence

Need to approve bulk lists of payments, but don’t have the time to verify every single one?

AccessPay’s Detect module uses Artificial Intelligence to scan bulk payment files and flags suspicious or irregular transactions before your files are approved and sent.

Guarantee secure approval processes

AccessPay’s Approvals+ module allows your team to build custom approvals processes that mirror the way you work.

Customise approval workflows to mirror the different payment types, teams and entities within your organisation

Gain a secure wall’s up approach to payment approvals that protects your financial data from both internal and external threats.

Access Pay approvals

Instant visibility at your fingertips

Most fraud happens because senior executives don’t have visibility of their organisation’s underlying transactions.

AccessPay’s Executive Dashboard module shows your executive team if payments behavior is in line with expected incomings and outgoings

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