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Stena Line set sail for success with AccessPay

"I am very happy with AccessPay, the system is very easy to use, and it makes the admin side of payments much easier."

Csilla Nemeth, Finance System Controller, Stena Line

Stena Line is one of the largest ferry operators in the world, with around 16 million passengers travelling on the seas with them each year.

Due to the very nature of Stena Line’s business model, they have offices located all across Europe, and therefore had a software requirement for international payroll and domestic Direct Debit automation.


“Our previous provider went from a Swedish-base to UK-only, eliminating their European payments function.”


Stena Line began working with AccessPay three years ago when their incumbent bank ceased to provide a solution with international payments capability. With AccessPay, Stena Line has complete visibility and control of Direct Debit collections in the UK and international payroll.

Having the ability to quickly and securely send payments throughout Europe is vital for Stena Line, so this proved to be a big focus for the company when deciding on a new software provider.


“It was essential that we could make international payroll payments as we have offices and staff all across Europe.”


Our international payments capabilities weren’t the only thing that attracted Stena Line to AccessPay.

In the UK, Stena Line uses Direct Debit to collect payments. The sheer volume of collections being processed meant automation, ease of use and security topped the list when selecting a software partner.


“The IT and finance teams wanted a payments platform that was simple and functional.”


There was a clear tech driver behind AccessPay’s appointment too.

Stena Line’s IT department was actively driving a digital transformation project across the business to improve efficiency and security. In fact, the internal IT team looked at many different solutions before deciding that AccessPay software was the most future-proofed, and it could be backed up with a strong security focus.


“We needed a solution that was easily adaptable to the Stena Line business model, and would cause minimal internal disruption.”


Through AccessPay, Stena Line can quickly and safely submit high volumes of UK and international payments.

As for digital transformation and the brief from Stena Line’s IT team, the Internal Finance team achieved significant efficiencies by actively automating electronic Direct Debit processes via the AccessPay platform.


“It is undoubtedly necessary for us because of the volume of payments that Stena Line deal with on a monthly basis”


Not only that, but our emphasis on security made AccessPay the ideal partner for Stena Line. Assigning user roles with submission approval levels ensures that no payments are submitted without a second pair of eyes signing them off first, ideal for them and the millions of customers that use Stena Line’s service every year.

"We use AccessPay for sending Bacs Direct Credit & Direct Debit payments, and for processing international payments."

Csilla Nemeth, Finance System Controller, Stena Line

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