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Submit payments on behalf of your clients

Using our Bacs Bureau Service gives you the ability to offer Bacs payment processing services to your own clients without needing bureau accreditation. Easily managed through our cloud-based payments automation platform, with no hidden costs, one fixed annual subscription, and free platform upgrades.

Does this sound like you?

You already handle the majority or parts of the payments process for your clients,  but you do not carry out the actual submission of payments. You have existing clients that would benefit from payments processing services, but you do not currently have the means to do so as you do not possess a BUN (Bureau User Number).


If this does sound like you, read on…

AccessPay can help you...

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Increase revenue

By using our Bacs Approved Bureau Software, you can expand your own service offering to include the processing of client payments. This can be an easy win for your business, which can lead to a significant increase in profit margins from both new and existing clients.

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Offer Bacs payments without the hassle

Becoming a Bacs approved bureau can be a lengthy and expensive process. By using our Bacs Approved Bureau Software, you can avoid the costs involved with becoming a bureau and begin handling client payments straight away.

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Achieve customer stickiness

By using our Bacs Approved Bureau Software, you can offer your clients an additional service by processing their payroll, supplier and other Bacs payments – giving them one more reason to stick with you.

Why AccessPay for Client Payments?

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Peace of mind

As a Bacs accredited Bureau payments service provider, we work with top 50 accountancy firms and some of the biggest payroll service providers in the UK, helping them with all their payroll and Bacs payments requirements.

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Speedy set up

Once your software has been implemented and you’ve had a set up call with our service delivery team, you’ll be able to process client payroll and bacs payments straight away.

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Security and fraud prevention

Approval workflows, two-factor authentication and fraud & error prevention measures ensure your client’s payroll payments are submitted through a secure payments solution.

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First-class support

Our UK-based, proactive support team are here to help. We offer remote access and updates, responding rapidly to queries, giving us agility that other suppliers just can’t match.

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Automated submissions

Your days of manually processing files are over. Our solution delivers ‘straight through’ processing of pre-approved files, while updating you via email each step of the way.

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Seamless integration

Our ‘file agnostic’ solution links with any ERP or payroll software in your back-office systems. No changes are needed and there’s free platform upgrades every 6 weeks!

"We chose AccessPay because of their financial value & ability to adapt to IATA’s systems, fitting seamlessly within our existing software and processes."

Javier Orejas Saldaña, Head of Banking Services EMEA & the America’s, IATA Read the story

Frequently asked questions

What is a Bureau User Number (BUN)?

A unique identifiable number allocated to a Bacs Approved Bureau to identify it to Bacs. Starting with a “B” and followed by five digits, the BUN is used alongside Bacs Approved Bureau software.

Do I need a Bureau User Number (BUN)?

You do not require a BUN to process client payments if you use the AccessPay Bureau. You’ll effectively be linking your client’s Service User Numbers (SUN) with our BUN and then processing your Bureau payments through the AccessPay Bureau – we are a registered Bacs Approved Bureau.

What is a Service User Number (SUN)?

A SUN (Service User Number), also known as an Originator ID, is a six-digit number granted to a business which allows them to connect to Bacs, Direct Debit and Faster Payment Services.

How much does it cost to process Bacs payments with AccessPay?

There are no direct costs, other than our fixed yearly fee, charged by AccessPay. But your bank or building society may charge their own costs for processing Bacs payments, and these charges vary.

What file types does AccessPay accept?

We’ll make sure your files always reach your bank in the correct format. Due to our powerful mapping engine, AccessPay is yet to encounter a file format we cannot work with. Common file types we accept include CSV, XLS, MT, DAT and XML.

Is AccessPay FCA regulated? Do you have Bacs certification?

Yes, AccessPay holds Bacs certification as well as a small business user license; ISO27001, ISO22301, FPS and SWIFT certifications. Also, we have been registered with the FCA since 2012. We are now also authorised by the FCA to serve as third-party Account Information (AISP) and Payment Initiation (PISP) Service Providers, allowing us to offer open banking-related services.

One platform for ultimate visibility and control

The use of disparate systems and applications across the finance and treasury function can create unnecessary complexity, risk and inefficiency. By connecting these systems, The AccessPay platform empowers Accountants and Payroll Service providers achieve their goals.

Helping Accountants and Payroll Service providers achieve their goals.

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