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AccessPay offers 11,000+ integrations

AccessPay offers 11,000+ integrations with key systems and banks, plus a flexible API that lets you transfer data to and from other relevant platforms in your ecosystem.

Every time you integrate a finance system to a bank account, you:

Connection Options:



Centralise connectivity to Bacs, Faster Payments & other major payment schemes



If you’re already on the SWIFT network, this will be a breeze!



We’ll set up and manage Host-to-Host banking connections on your behalf


AccessPay API

Leverage our API to centralise secure dataflows between your business systems and banks.


Manual Upload

Get started on your transformation with a simple sFTP connection


Open Banking

We're leveraging Open Banking to offer alternative cash management and bank connectivity solutions

Host-to-Host Banking

AccessPay ensures a secure connection to your bank in a method best suited for your financial processes. The best part? It doesn’t need to be a project. We make complex work simple.

Payment Scheme Integrations

Get a real-time understanding of global cash position by instantly consolidating data across banks, countries, currencies, and teams.  View this in AccessPay or in your TMS, ERP, or other back-office system for a single source of truth.

ERP Integrations

You’ve invested heavily in your ERP system, so it’s time to make the most of it. AccessPay will accept any file format from your ERP and transform it to be accepted by your bank.

HR & Payroll Integrations

Connecting your HR & payroll system to your bank ensures staff are paid on time and correctly no matter where they are in the world or who they bank with.

TMS Integrations

Every treasurer and cash manager wants complete visibility and control on cash position. The best way to do this is to connect your TMS to all of your banks for visibility across countries, currencies, and accounts.

Other Integrations

If there’s another system crucial to your finance team’s success, AccessPay will connect to it so you can manage everything from one, unified platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

AccessPay is a file agnostic banking integration platform, meaning that it is able to accept files from any ERP system and transform them into a bank ready format.


This really depends on the ERP system and file type and the scale of the project. Simple integrations can take just a few days, more complex integrations can between 6-8 weeks including testing.

AccessPay uses API’s in many areas of the platform for data integration, status monitoring, and transaction validation. AccessPay is launching their own API Developer Portal in 2019, which will allow customers to integrate with the AccessPay platform for creating payment instructions, checking status of payments and retrieving bank balances and transaction reports.

Yes, you can choose to have the files transmitted from ERP system into the AccessPay platform PGP encrypted.

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