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Detect fraud and identify errors before payments are made

Without simple protection measures in place, fraud and errors can incur needless costs, not just financial, but reputational too. With the right solutions in place, your payments can flow securely and seamlessly from ERP or TMS to your banking network.

There’s a better way to review and approve your payment runs

If your processing frequent and high volume payments, or if you’ve got payment operations across different regions or legal entities you carry the risk of payment fraud or human errors potentially costing you thousands, perhaps even millions. The only way to to avoid it is to have a four eye approval process that checks every single payment file line by line for irregularities right? Well not quite…SecureFlow will do all of that for you, automatically scanning your payment files for transactions that don’t fit your organisations typical payments profile, alerting you in real to anything potentially risky.

In other words, SecureFlow alerts you to potential threats before they’ve happened.

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Be alerted to threats in real-time and take action instantly

A traffic light warning system highlights potential threats, allowing you to review them and remove them instantly.

Fraud detection

Reduce the cost of human errors and save time checking for them

Regular errors in payment files can cost your organization thousands, maybe millions, SecureFlow automatically scans your files for errors, so that you don’t have to

No need for line by line payment file checking

A rule based engine, configured by you will automatically scan your files for irregular transactions, freeing your finance teams time up for better use.

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SecureFlow in Action

Deliver Payments in 3 Easy Steps


Connect your ERP or TMS system directly into AccessPay’s platform.


Set bespoke approval levels, control user visibility and withhold suspicious or erroneous transactions.


Submit your transactions for payment.

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