SecureFlow - payment fraud prevention and error detection software

Fraud Prevention

Automatically identify and remove anomalous transactions

Without simple protection measures in place, fraud and errors can incur needless costs, not just financial, but reputational too. With the right solutions in place, your payments can flow securely and seamlessly from ERP or TMS to your banking network.

Take control of who sees what across your finance team

Set role based profiles, defining the users across your finance team that can submit payments and those that can approve payments. You’ll be able to create workflow rules that reflect the approvals hierarchy’s across your organization.

No need to scan through lines and lines of payments checking for errors

Payment files are scanned for duplicate transactions and payment details instantaneously. You’ll save time and reduce the cost of errors by submitting thousands of transactions without ever having to check for errors line by line again.

Identify and remove potentially fraudulent payments before they’re made

A traffic light system will alert you to the transactions that pose the biggest risk, you’ll be able to review the payments were a potential threat has been detected at a glance, review them and then submit for payment.

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Through AccessPay, StenaLine can quickly and safely submit high volumes of UK and international payments

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