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Security & fraud prevention

We have a range of tools that will help you improve payment security and reduce the risk of fraud as payments flow from your back office systems, through The AccessPay platform, to beneficiary banks.

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Automated platform

We’re the secure automated link between your back office and beneficiary banks, so you can eliminate manual data keying and the human error risk this poses to your security.

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Data protection

Features such as automation, PGP encryption and 2FA allow us to make sure the data in your payment profiles can’t be manipulated, infected with viruses or sold on for profit.

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Central, secure payments hub

The AccessPay platform can serve as your central payments hub, connecting your disparate back office systems and making sure payments always arrive safely into your beneficiary banks.

"New drivers are much more aware of digital technologies for consumers and are as equally aware of the banking technology coming through."

Lewis Jones, Head of Treasury Operations and Payroll, The AA Read the story

Why AccessPay for security and payments fraud prevention?

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Two factor authentication

We provide two factor authentication, so you can boost security by checking that everyone is who they say they are, placing another security layer between you and fraudsters.

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Easy integration

Our platform is ‘file agnostic’, so it’s easy to integrate with the ERPs and Payroll software in your back office while ensuring that payment files are transferred securely.

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PGP encryption

You can add extra layers of security to your payment file, both while it’s in transit and at rest, via PGP encryption, making it tamper-proof as well as unreadable.

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Enhanced workflows

Create an infinite number of workflows and approvals for your Payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, providing true separation of duties and visibility.

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Data masking

We provide you with the ability to mask data in your payment files, so you can shield sensitive information and comply with GDPR, helping you tackle fraud.

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Suppress problem payments

Enjoy the ability to suppress and isolate problem payments. You can then send the rest of the file to your bank with minimal workflow disruption without putting security at risk.

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One platform for ultimate visibility and control

The use of disparate systems and applications across the finance and treasury function can create unnecessary complexity, risk and inefficiency. By connecting these systems, The AccessPay platform empowers finance and treasury professionals to achieve their goals.

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